Testosterone Treatment Reduces Heart Attack Risk

heart healthy man and woman

There are many different reasons why testosterone replacement therapy is already a popular choice for both men and women. For women, maintaining a healthy testosterone level helps improve focus and concentration, increases libido and lowers cholesterol levels. In men, testosterone increases muscle mass, improves erectile function and helps with better sleep.

Now a new report from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Salt Lake City reveals another huge benefit for men who receive testosterone replacement treatment.  Did you know that testosterone therapy can actually help men with existing heart disease conditions avoid heart attacks, strokes and even death?

The report is based on a study of 755 male patients all between the age of 58 and 78 who had severe coronary artery disease. These men were split into three different groups, which then received varied doses of testosterone. The testosterone was administered in the same basic manner as it is here at transformyou. Here are the results:

After 1 year -

  • 64 patients who were not taking testosterone supplements suffered a major cardiovascular event such as a stroke or heart attack.
  • Only 12 of those patients taking a medium dose of testosterone experienced a heart attack or stroke.
  • Of those taking a high dose of testosterone, only 9 suffered from a major cardiovascular event.

After 3 years –

  • 125 non-testosterone patients suffered a major cardiovascular event.
  • Only 38 medium-dose patients experienced an episode.
  • 22 high-dose patients suffered a heart attack or stroke.

These new findings corroborate the findings of a previous study conducted by the same institute that showed taking supplemental testosterone didn’t increase the risk of heart attack or stroke for men with low testosterone levels and no prior history of heart disease.

Reports like these come at a very crucial time for all testosterone products. Just last year the FDA issued a new mandate requiring all manufacturer’s of testosterone products to add labels that address any coronary risks. But specialists involved in these 2 new studies hope that the research they are doing will eventually change the current FDA policy.

It’s amazing to see how beneficial and effective hormone therapy can be. By working to replace what the body was already naturally producing on its own, we are able to prevent serious health issues and prolong the body’s ability to function properly. While some of the benefits of hormone therapy such as testosterone replacement treatment are very well known, I expect that we will continue to see amazing discoveries in the future.

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