You're not alone when it comes to hormone imbalances or dealing with the symptoms of hormone deficiencies.  Women everywhere are recognizing the signs of low estrogen and progesterone are taking action to improve their quality of life through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.


You will need a blood test to determine your current hormone levels. If you will most likely want to move forward with hormone replacement therapy, it might be a good idea to have the results of this test for your consultation. If you have general questions about hormone replacement therapy first and are unsure if it is the right fit for you, use the consultation to decide and another appointment can be scheduled after the decision to move forward has been made to go over labs and start treatments once the blood work has been completed. Most health insurances cover blood work. If this isn’t the case for you, we can draw your blood here at the office.

We will review the results of your blood work with you and then order the hormone treatment method that we think will work the best based on your results.

We'll then go over all the instructions and get the other necessary supplies for starting and continuing treatment from your home. We typically order your first batch as a two month supply so we can be sure the dosing is correct. We can also run a follow-up lab just to be sure your hormone levels are back within normal range and that the dosage is working for you.

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