GxPerform uses your unique DNA profile to help you find athletic performance strategies that will work with your genetic predispositions.   

Genetic Testing and Performance Management

Genetic testing is helping people learn more about how their genes impact their health, and this information is useful in finding the right approach to healthy aging, weight management, and more. For athletic performance, your DNA tells the story of your intrinsic motivation, carb utilization, and injury risk – in addition to much more – so you can find the right strategies to meet your goals.

The GxPerform Program Includes:

  • DNA collection kit
  • Full aboratory analysis of your DNA including 80 genetic markers
  • Your GxPerform report (view a sample report), which will provide:
    • Analysis of 15 genetic traits related performance
    • Supporting scientific research
  • Printable version your report
  • Online resource library with content based on your profile


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