GxNutrient uses your unique DNA profile to help you find the best diet based on your genetic predispositions.

Genetic Testing and Your Diet

Genetic testing offers new ways of understanding how your body functions and what kind of barriers you may face due to DNA. When it comes to healthy nutrition, your genetic profile can illuminate how your body processes and absorbs micronutrients. This information is a key factor in developing a nutrition program that keeps you healthy and enables you to achieve your goals.

 The GxNutrient Program Includes:

  • Your DNA collection kit
  • Comprehensive lab analysis of your DNA sample including 42 genetic markers
  • Your GxNutrient report (view a sample report), which provides:
    • Analysis of 42 genetic markers related to nutrition
    • Potential deficiencies
    • Nutrient recommendations, including supplement suggestions
    • Supporting scientific research
  • Printable version of GxNutrient report
  • Online content based on your profile

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