Telemedicine Appointments Available! 

Semaglutide Special - Save $200 on 20mg 


Telemedicine Appointments Available! 

Semaglutide Special - Save $200 on 20mg 



Recent studies have shown that over 43% of the women in the United States experience little or no sexual satisfaction from orgasm and only 25% achieve orgasm with intercourse. Fortunately, there are libido treatments for women who desire greater sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy and enhanced relationships. Among the most popular are Oxytocin and Testosterone and another peptide called PT 141.


Oxytocin is a nanopeptide hormone that is secreted by the posterior pituitary.  Oxytocin produces a wide range effects both peripherally and locally in the brain.  It is released in large amounts in females during child birth, nipple stimulation and breast feeding. Oxytocin is released by males and females during skin to skin contact, sexual arousal, and orgasm/ejaculation.  Oxytocin also plays a role in bonding, desire, social recognition, and trust and is therefore known as the “cuddle” hormone. Studies have also shown that oxytocin is associated with our ability to mediate emotional experiences in close relationships and maintain healthy psychological boundaries.

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Testosterone can be used as a topical cream or injection that increases a women's testosterone to an optimal level. When at optimal levels women notice increased libido and overall satisfaction.

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Bremelanotide (PT 141, Vyleesi) increases sexual desire via the central nervous system and has been shown effective in treating sexual dysfunction in women (sexual arousal disorder). Also among women who attempted sexual intercourse within 24 hours after treatment, significantly more were satisfied with their level of sexual arousal following Bremelanotide administration, compared with placebo. For women, sexual arousal has been experienced in a varied range of minutes to weeks. 

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Consultation Regarding Libido

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