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Effects of Female Testosterone Levels

Although normally related to men, testosterone is one of the many hormones that women have within their bodies, affecting them throughout their lives. “Normal” levels of testosterone vary from one woman to another, but experts suggest that the range of healthy testosterone levels is between 15 ng/dL – 85 ng/dL.

In this article, find out more about low, normal, and high testosterone levels, as well as a brief explanation of their effects on the female body.

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

You've been eating healthier and exercising consistently. You're eating your fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, lean meats, and you feel you're doing everything right to make your scale show the difference… but you're not seeing the weight loss numbers you had hoped for.

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Natural Appetite Suppressants Already in Your Kitchen

The following is a summary of six natural appetite suppressants in the forms of foods that you can bring to the kitchen and to your family in the fight against belly fat.

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How Appetite Suppressants Work [NEW GUIDE]

Are you snacking more than usual with unwanted repercussions for your health? We've all been there. Mindless snacking, especially when it isn't a healthy snack, can negatively affect our health way more than we realize. Eating big meals can also have this effect if we aren't careful. Most of us eat until we feel full, but that is usually way more food than our body actually needs (consider serving size compared to what you actually dish up for yourself).

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