Hair Loss & Regrowth Treatment



Non-Invasive Hair Loss Treatment & Thinning Therapy  

Hair Loss and Regrowth TreatmentIs your hair thinning?

Do you have areas of baldness?

Are you self-conscious about your hair?

We may be able to help!

Our treatment combines Two non-invasive yet powerful techniques designed to help stimulate hair growth and revitalize your hair follicles.

1. Microcurrent Treatment

First, we start with a relaxing Microcurrent treatment on the scalp. Microcurrent is a type of electrical stimulation that has been used for over 30 years. Hundreds of studies have been published over the years showing the great benefits and effects of microcurrent therapy. It is used for everything from pain control to muscle relaxation to stimulation of acupuncture points, wound healing, diabetic neuropathy and even facial and hair rejuvenation. We use sterile cotton probes that are dipped in a purified water mineral salt bath. No chemicals are used. The probes gently glide over the scalp activating your natural coenzyme ATP, which is fuel to repair your hair follicles. Your hair follicles are given the signal to repair themselves.  Microcurrent also increases the blood flow in the scalp up to 38%. Blood flow to the scalp is important because it brings vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the roots. Microcurrent is sub-sensory meaning that there is absolutely no pain or discomfort during the treatment. Pressure is manually applied to the scalp with the microcurrent probes.

2. Natural Supplements

Last, we provide a complete yet powerful, natural, and safe hair supplement containing all the vitamins and mineral that your body needs to regrow your hair.  For the millions of women who struggle with hair loss, the results of the hair supplements indicate the potential for a highly effective treatment option that helps stimulate the growth of new hair and increase the thickness of existing hair. This represents a non-invasive and effective shift from conventional treatment options to one that can promote the growth of new and dormant hairs using the body’s own naturally occurring regenerative mechanisms.

Results vary but the average patient should see results within the first 4-5 weeks.

The full two-step treatment is all-inclusive and lasts for 8-10 weeks. You will take the natural supplement formulation home and take as directed.

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