Aly Altshuler - Chandler, Arizona

I just wanted to thank you for an excellent experience with the HCG diet. I appreciate your honesty and integrity throughout this process. The diet is strict, but it works. Your positive energy made it easy to focus and stay dedicated to the 40-day diet. Even with careful dieting and a vigorous exercise plan, it has always been difficult for me to lose weight. I lost over 20lbs in 40 days by following the protocol, while having a ton of energy.

The hardest part of most diets is not having all the information. With your knowledge and expertise, I was able to receive all the information I needed to reach my goal. All of your supplemental information was very helpful and gave me the opportunity to refer to information as I needed it throughout the process. The excel diet plan form helped me easily keep track of what I ate and my weight loss progress.

I am excited to share this experience with my family in friends.

Thanks so much for your help!