Arlene B. - Maricopa, Arizona

I was searching the internet for diets and different menu ideas when I came across the HCG DIET.  I thought, "probably just another painful diet".  I started reading testimonials of people who have been successful using HCG and how easy it was to lose weight, so I decided to try it.  I am happy I did.  At 280 pounds I started taking the injections following Dr. Bird's plan for the 40 days.  My first week I lost 7 pounds.  I couldn't believe I was finally losing weight.
Every morning when I got on the scale my confidence grew.  I could see the results and my clothes started feeling loose.  I started my journey on June 12th and by July 3rd I was down 20 pounds.  At the end of my 40 days on HCG, I lost a total of 38 pounds.  I was satisfied with the amount of food that I ate and the selection.  Everyone around me began to notice and I received compliments.  I feel very happy about my experience with Dr. Bird and the HCG diet. His information and knowledge were priceless. I am looking forward to doing the second round to continue my weight loss journey.