Carolina Rico - Phoenix, Arizona

A friend and I made an appointment with Dr. Bird to start the HCG diet program. I was very skeptical about the HCG diet and how it worked. After the initial appointment, I decided to wait to start while my friend went ahead and began the program. After seeing the great results my friend was getting I had to talk with Dr. Bird and start myself. After losing two pounds right after my fat loading days, my skepticism turned into excitement and hope that I had found my cure. I had no idea what wonderful benefits lay ahead of me.

I have been on diets since my adolescence so I was ready to starve myself and experience all the headaches and hunger pangs I was used to. To my excitement, HCG was very doable. My cravings for sugar and a constant need to eat went away. I felt satisfied with my 500 calorie limit and realized that I had been eating too much for too long. I lost more than just 30 pounds...I lost my dependence on food to fulfill my emotional needs. I learned to focus my energy on other areas like walking for fun, reading interesting books, and dancing. I learned to shift my thoughts away from food.

I feel amazing and am looking forward to my second protocol. Now, I'm optimistic about what lies ahead and after following all of HCG's rules, I feel like I can accomplish anything.