Carolyn Hutchens - Tempe, Arizona

When I first heard of HCG I was convinced it was two things - #1 too good to be true and #2 out of this world expensive.  When I met a woman who had, like myself, struggled with weight for most of her adult life, tell me that she not only thought HCG was a "miracle", but that the Doctor and clinic she found to administer and oversee her weight loss were the miracle workers - I had to see for myself.  She said she had lost almost 8 lbs. in the first week!  
I called Dr. Bird at the end of February and at that time I was at my heaviest - 172lbs.  I felt tired, irritable, unhealthy, unhappy and just plain fat.  Not liking the way you look is one thing, but complete self-loathing - that is a whole new ballgame.  So Dr. Bird asked me my goal - well, I explained, to lose as much weight as I can as fast as I can.  Then after explaining my hectic work schedule and home life, I told him I really wanted to lose at least 30 - 35 lbs.  If I could get down to the 130's I would be very happy!  I told him I was ready for not just the quick results of HCG, but for the lifestyle change that accompanies it as well.  Dr. Bird set me on the HCG 40-day program that very morning.  He explained the program in detail, gave me materials that were very easy to understand and implement and said that he would be monitoring my progress through this journey. 

The next two days - were THE BEST!  Truly when your doctor tells you to EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND EAT EVERYTHING YOU CAN - you definitely question his sanity and medical license!!  But I did it - day one and two were NO problem for me!  Day three I was actually amazed - I lost weight!  The next 43 days were spent learning to eat better, living a cleaner lifestyle and recommitting to myself.  Dr. Bird was there every step of the way - answering questions either by phone or email or in his office every week when I went in for the B-12 injection.  I have never had such a positive experience with a doctor before - he truly cares about your success in this program and it shows by his attention during visits and quick email responses!  At times I was "unintentional" and I paid for it on the scale- but Dr. Bird encouraged me not to give up and to continue to be intentional every day - and it worked!  Today I have lost 28lbs.  I am down two sizes and I feel amazing.  With Dr. Bird's help and HCG, I have the energy (and the body) I had in high school!  Thank you to Dr. Bird and his team - my friend was right - you are miracle workers!