Christal C. - Chandler, Arizona

I want to thank Dr.Bird for all his knowledge and support during my time on the HCG diet. I thought this diet was only for people who had to lose a lot of weight and I only had 10 pounds to lose.  Dr. Bird assured me that this diet was for anyone who wanted to lose weight. The last 10 pounds I had to lose came off almost effortlessly.  The first week I lost 5 pounds, 3 the second week, and 2 the final week.  It was truly amazing that the weight I lost was all fat in the problem areas. I have tried for years to lose the fat from these areas with exercise and it never came off like this.  I didn't cheat once and found almost no hunger or cravings.  The recipes he provided were delicious and easy to prepare.  I would highly recommend this diet, it was an easy way of losing the weight, now I get to keep it off!