Jaime Arbolida - Phoenix, Arizona

I am 5'1" and was 130-132 pounds.  I am a muscular built person, and a good weight on me is around 115-120.  For six years I tried everything to get that 10-15 extra pounds off.  I gained it with my second child. I had my third child 2 years ago and lost everything but that 10-15 pounds.  After researching the HCG diet, I decided to give it a try and found Dr. Bird. Initially, I thought this diet was for those who needed to lose a lot of weight but was surprised to learn that it would help with just 10-15lbs. I met with Dr. Bird and the information he provided made this diet so easy for me.  The first week I lost 5 pounds, and by the 23rd day, I had lost a total of 13 pounds. I am down to 119 and I am very happy with my results.  My friends are amazed when they see the results I have had. Thanks, Dr. Bird!