Jaime Ortiz - Tempe, Arizona

Dr. Bird can certainly agree with me, that I was quite the whiner!!  I was seriously beginning to lose hope, in the sense that I was honestly beginning to think that living with pain was just something I needed to get used to.

After a surprise fall, landing in an awkward position on my tailbone, I never imagined that a fall this severe could ever heal well.  I had injured my lower back, hip area and the pain that came with it was unreal.   I had back spasms, loss of mobility, pain so severe around my lower back, down my legs, even sleeping through the night was becoming a challenge.  I wanted the quickest diagnosis and the quickest treatment to relieve me of the pain I was suffering.

I went through a number of treatments, such as chiropractic work, electrical stimulants, decompression, trigger shot injections, you name it, I was seeing slow progress, but nothing seemed to be relieving me of the ongoing pain, nor did I seem to have much stability.

During one of my visits, I read the brochure on Prolotherapy.  As I did further research online, it only made sense to press Dr. Bird to consult with Dr. Baca and allow me to try Prolotherapy.  It only made sense, a different type of surgical procedure, without the anesthesia, hospital stay, and no surgical scars.  Research shows that the injections are quite natural, no side effects and the end results are longterm.   

After a series of Prolotherapy treatments, around 4, I began to feel the strength and flexibility in my lower back area.  In simple words, I felt as if I had a strip of tissue implanted, graphed across my waist/lower back and it bonded to my own tissue, creating a feeling of double the support and stability, which I had not had in years.  It felt like natural cement bonded to my tissue, against my bones, growing me a new back!!  

As I am still working on conditioning my body to a healthier me, eliminating my back pain, was the first area where I needed to start in tackling my pain, to eventually end up with a healthier result.  At 45, I’m now back to hiking, walking, playing softball, even snow-skiing.  I skied with confidence for the first time in years, because I had the strength and stability, to go that extra mile! I am so grateful to Dr. Bird for the patience and especially, for working we me to help target the areas needed, to bring me back to a healthier state.