Kathleen C. - Phoenix, Arizona

I'm 51 years old and have gone through menopause. I've tried so many diets and exercise and nothing would work. I'm happy to say that I lost 30 pounds and 18 inches on the HCG diet with Dr. Bird. I knew I must have had some type of metabolic or hormonal condition that prevented me from losing weight. I followed the protocol to the letter and it was challenging, but what helped make it easy was Dr. Bird.  He was so supportive and if I had questions once I came home I’d send him an email and he'd answer me right back. I researched many places and Dr. Bird provides a spreadsheet with all the correct food and calories listed, an electronic recipe book and B12 shots at no extra cost.  All I had to do was weigh my food and enter the number of ounces into the spreadsheet and it did all the work for me.  Thank You, Dr. Bird! You and Marie are the best!