Lisa Buschur - Abilene, Texas

Dr. Bird worked with me to plan an attainable weight loss goal and gave me the tools to achieve it. He had the diet plan, the materials, the expertise and most importantly the support I needed. I was amazed at the body sculpting that occurred in the 1st week. It was so exciting, I looked forward to every morning weigh-in, measurement & mirror check...I felt sexy again!!! That instant success was so motivating to me that cheating never became an option.

Seeing how successful I was motivated both my parents to do the HCG diet as well. We became a team that supported and inspired each other to stay the course! I lost 23lbs on 1 cycle and have kept it off. My parents have each lost over 30lbs and have completely changed their lifestyle and eating habits. Keeping the weight off has given them new energy, less back pain and way more shopping enjoyment!