Maggie - Chandler, Arizona

I had a wonderful experience with my HCG weight loss program. Dr. Bird answered each and every question to my fullest satisfaction and went beyond what I have experienced so far from any health care providers. Dr. Bird's first and foremost concern was my individual needs while on the HCG program and the changes I made to ensure to the highest possible outcome. I felt that I was extremely well taken care of. He didn't leave out any details and explained the process and follow up which was easy once the changes were implemented.

My results were and are wonderful and it was truly one of the best health decision I have ever made. I am grateful that I found Dr. Bird and initially scheduled an appointment with him after he allowed a more than a gracious amount of time for a prior phone consultation regarding the HCG. If you contemplate about the program, Dr. Bird is the one you should see. You will be thrilled with your fantastic weight loss results and with his expertise and personalized approach. I can highly recommend him as a doctor and HCG specialist!