Sarah Hawley - Arizona

I recently did a seven-week HCG course with Dr. Bird and saw phenomenal results. In that time frame, I lost 40.5 pounds and have started to learn how to eat differently for my health and my life. I found the program to be easy to understand and Dr. Bird made sure that my questions were answered before I got started. I actually booked multiple appointments with Dr. Bird during my decision-making process and he graciously provided me with all the time I needed to ask my questions and feel good about the decision I made to try HCG.

Once on the program, I found the injections to be easy to take, the food choices to be greater than I thought and the structure of the plan helped me stick to it. I knew how much I was supposed to eat and Dr. Bird even gave me a “cheat sheet” to calculate calories for me. Even when I was traveling I was able to prepare my meals in advance and take them with me so that I wasn’t tempted to cheat on the program. Anytime I had a question, Dr. Bird was available to me with clear answers and solid guidance. I took advantage of emailing my questions to him and always received a very quick response. I’m delighted now that I’m in the stabilization and maintenance portion of the program to see that my attitudes toward food are changing; I’m now enjoying food’s natural taste more and am learning to listen to my body and control my portion sizes without feeling deprived.

I still have a ways to go with regard to my weight loss goals, and I plan for HCG and Dr. Bird to go along for the full ride with me.