Sherrie McDonald - Bellevue, Nebraska

When a friend first told me about the HCG diet, I was very skeptical. I work in the medical field and have seen so many “miraculous” diets come and go that I just figured this was another one of those. Later that day I decided to look up information on the diet and I read everything I could find. I kept in touch with my friend and was amazed at her results. I asked her about hunger feelings and fatigue and what other changes she had made. I finally called Dr. Bird to visit with him and ask him my questions. I then decided to try the diet myself. I actually lost 38 pounds in the six weeks and lots of inches. My tight clothing was actually way too big in just six weeks. Dr. Bird was always available to answer questions and offer support even though I live in another state. The great thing for me was that the diet did burn fat in the areas I needed to lose from. On previous diets I always loose from my bust first and my waist and rear end last. I actually lost inches in those areas right away. I felt good and am continuing to do well. I have a lot more weight to lose and I am anxious to start the next round.