Tracy Amos - Marvin, North Carolina

Most of the time I have been able to maintain a normal weight over the years, even after having 3 children.  Since I turned 40 five years ago, I have gradually put on over 20 lbs.  Playing tennis, adding in a few fast walks each week, and watching what I eat wasn’t doing it for me anymore.  I felt like my metabolism had changed and I began looking for ways to lose the unwanted lbs. In addition, I was having major mood swings around my period each month and was put on Prozac for two weeks out of the month. I continued with the workouts and tried several diets. I found myself STARVING all the time. I would struggle with these diets, lose 10 lbs or so, and then over time put it back on…and then some.  I was miserable!  When I heard about Dr. Bird and the HCG Diet I was game to try it.  I was amazed that I was able to eat so few calories per day and not feel that hungry.  By about day 4, I was feeling full before even finishing a meal.  I did his 30-day sublingual HCG program. I have finished it and now I'm on my first week of the maintenance phase and I feel great! Cooking for the family is actually easier now…they too are enjoying the healthy meals.  I've lost over 20lbs, I'm off the Prozac, I haven’t felt the need to nap in weeks, and my energy level is through the roof!   I love “shopping” in my own closet—it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe!  Thank you, Dr. Bird, for all your support!