Telemedicine Appointments Available.

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Telemedicine Appointments Available.

          We have HCG

Doctor performing vaser shape procedure on a patient's leg


Transformyou is now offering VASER Shape! This revolutionary alternative to liposuction is not only physically changing the way people look, it is changing the way they emotionally feel about themselves. Learn more about the VASER technology and therapy now available to transformyou patients!

About VASER Shape

VASER Shape MC1 is a non-invasive ultrasound and massage system from Sound Surgical Technologies -- creators of the VASER Lipo® System -- that received FDA clearance in May 2010.  This innovative computerized technology uses a combination of ultrasound diathermy (the application of high-frequency sound waves for local heat therapy) and zonal lymphatic massage to achieve optimal patient satisfaction postoperatively or as a standalone treatment.

The VASER Shape treatment uses advanced MC1 technology to warm the selected area and treat the underlying tissue to smooth, firm and shape the body by temporarily reducing in the appearance of cellulite and increasing local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. VASER Shape can be used as a standalone treatment and is also a perfect complement to body contouring/liposuction procedures to reduce postoperative pain and swelling.

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VASER SHAPE Clinical Benefits:

  1. Smooth and shape the body by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite
  2. Can tighten and strengthen skin through collagen production
  3. Improve local blood circulation
  4. Can help promote fat loss and reduce inches
  5. Reduce pain and swelling postoperatively

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VASER Shape as an Alternative to Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures worldwide and doctors and medical professionals are always looking for ways to improve fat reducing and body contouring procedures. VASER Shape offers a new and very successful technique for reducing fat deposits and tightening muscles without the implications of surgery. 

The treatments are proven to reduce fat deposits and tighten muscles in areas all over the body including the back, neck, face, knees, arms, abdomen and thighs and is often used to treat gynecomastia or excess tissue in the male breast. Most patients see an improvement after just one session. VASER Shape also offers relief from minor muscle aches, pains and spasms, and temporary improvement in local blood circulation as well as a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

See how VASER Shape compares to other body contouring procedures. 

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The average VASER Shape session time is about 45 to 60 minutes per body area utilizing both an ultrasound and massage hand-piece. Treatments are usually scheduled a week apart. Patients typically undergo a regimen of 5 to 6 total treatments, although physicians report that many patients see improvement after the first session.

The treatment is comfortable and no pre-treatment preparation is required.  Patients report feeling a gentle warming of the skin accompanied by a feeling similar to a deep tissue massage. Following the procedure, patients can resume normal activity without pain or downtime. The skin may appear slightly pink and feel warm after the procedure due to the increased local blood circulation in the area.  This should resolve itself within a few hours after the treatment.

The two hand-pieces of the VASER Shape MC1 System work in tandem to treat the target area and promote drainage through the lymphatic system. 

  • Ultrasound Diathermy - Through the application of high-frequency sound waves for local heat therapy, the ultrasound energy affects fatty tissue in a non-invasive manner by warming the treatment area and producing a "micro-massage" to the fat cells, encouraging excess fat to escape from the cell membranes and ultimately temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite, tightening the skin and promoting fat loss.

  • Zonal Massage - The zonal massage hand-piece on the system then works with the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins and fats for removal from the body and increase local blood circulation.  The zonal massage hand-piece can also help to open the lymph nodes pre- and post-treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can undergo VASER Shape?

Mostly any person who is interested in reducing unwanted fat. To ensure that you are a suitable candidate a consultation is required. VASER Shape was developed to help men and women who have a desire to reduce body fat. The treatment is not a substitute for regular exercise and healthy eating.

What is the advantage of the VASER Shape over diet alone?

The approach is different. With a diet, you can reduce non-specific weight, which is often appropriate. The problem areas, however, you often cannot get rid of with diet alone. Therefore, VASER Shape is the solution. It selectively removes stubborn fat deposits, thus, giving you a better body contour.

What body areas can be treated?

Vaser Shape treatment can be performed on most areas of the body.

The most popular areas are:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Flanks/Love Handles
  • Outer thighs/ "saddle bags")
  • Inner Thighs
  • Upper Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Lower Legs (contouring calf lines)

Are the results permanent after the VASER Shape treatment?

The fat cells that have been treated with VASER Shape are gone. The reduction in fat should be long-lasting as long as one maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle and does not gain any significant weight.

Have a few other questions about VASER Shape and the benefits it is able to provide? Visit the Vaser FAQ page for answers to more commonly asked questions. 

VASER SHAPE Consultations

Schedule your consultation with one of our licensed physicians. This first visit will be all about finding out if VASER is right for you and how many VASER treatments are recommended to get you the fantastic results that you are looking for. You'll leave the consultation with a better understanding of the treatments, the exact costs associated, and what you stand to gain by using VASER therapy. Contact us to schedule this appointment.

All patients always work directly with one of our physicians to ensure patient safety and confidentiality.