Telemedicine Appointments Available! 

 Coming soon Retatrutide - Semaglutide (save $100 in June) 10, 12.5 or 25mg vials  - Tirzepatide 60, 75 or 180mg vials


Telemedicine Appointments Available! 

 Coming soon Retatrutide - Semaglutide (save $100 in June) 10, 12.5 or 25mg vials  - Tirzepatide 60, 75 or 180mg vials


Frequently Asked Questions about HGH

Q: Where are your Growth Hormone products made?

A: They are made here in the U.S. at licensed pharmacies. Growth hormone is a brand-name medication; Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, Tesamorelin, CJC 1295, and IGF-1 are compounded medications.

Q: What are the side effects of Growth Hormone products?

A: There are very few side effects from growth hormone-releasing hormones/peptides and IGF-1.

Growth hormone side effects may include:

  • hyperglycemia
  • redness at the injection site
  • headache
  • flushing
  • joint pain
  • hyperactivity
  • rash (in rare cases)

Q: How long can I stay on this type of program?

A: There is no specific length of time to be on treatment. Sometimes treatment can range from a few months to indefinitely. This choice is made by the patient and the doctor to maximize the goals and results of treatment.

Q: Which is better: releasing hormones / peptides, IGF-1, or regular Growth Hormone?

A: It all depends on what you are trying to do. The first thing to do is get your IGF-1 and or growth hormone levels tested.

If your goal is to get your pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone on its own, then Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, Tesamorelin, or CJC 1295 is probably the route you want to take.

If your IGF-1 levels are low, you can take IGF-1 and directly increase levels. IGF-1 is produced by the liver as a result of growth hormone stimulation. If your growth hormone levels are very low and the stimulation test failed, you may want to start with regular growth hormone (Omnitrope) to boost them up and then add in releasing hormones and peptides later to try and stimulate your body to start producing more of it on its own. Treatment can be customizable.

Learn more about each of the available HGH therapies:

Q: What are the benefits of growth hormone therapy?

A: Growth Hormone Therapy offers the following benefits:

  • Can promote healthy aging
  • Can increase the natural production of human growth hormone
  • Can improve physical performance and increases protein synthesis
  • Can stimulate the immune system
  • Can increase plasma IGF-1
  • Can improve sleep quality
  • Can help decrease body fat
  • Can increase lean muscle mass, strength, and endurance
  • Can help reduce liver uptake of glucose
  • Can increase calcium retention and strengthen and increase the mineralization of bone
  • Can contribute to the maintenance and function of pancreas cells

Through the growth hormone therapy options available, you can see dramatic results and long-term positive changes to your body.

Growth Hormone Therapy Consultations

If you have additional questions regarding HGH, CJC-1295, or growth hormone therapy options and benefits, call 480-839-4131 and schedule a consultation with one of our physicians. 

 All patients always work directly with one of our licensed physicians to ensure patient safety and confidentiality.

It is important to remember that any program or treatment we offer at transformyou carrying the phrase 'Anti-Aging’ is not intended to stop or prevent one from aging. Rather, our services and products are designed to help individuals effectively manage and navigate the aging process, yielding the best possible levels of health and wellness.