Study Shows Testosterone Therapy Improves Muscle Tone and Strength

woman flexing muscle

Recently, we've been discussing the benefits of hormone replacement therapy and the effects hormones have on your body when there is a hormone imbalance. One hormone that plays a huge role in the overall general health of both men and women is testosterone.

When testosterone levels are low the following can happen:

Any of these symptoms should be a prompting to have your testosterone levels tested and reviewed by a doctor. It's just plain beneficial for your overall health, similar to working out or eating right. There are a number of different therapies and ways to take hormones. Bio-identical testosterone, used by Dr. Bird and transformyou, comes in a variety of forms but the two easiest methods of using it are in the form of an injection or a transdermal cream or gel. The injection form is usually done once or twice a week. The cream is usually administered on a daily basis, morning and night. Be careful of taking any synthetic form of hormones. Those can have a dangerous effect on your liver.

A recent study even shows how cycling your testosterone therapy to once every other month improves muscle tone and strength. The study took 24, community-dwelling men ages 68-74 years old, with low testosterone levels and put them on a testosterone regimen. The men were dosed weekly for 5 months, receiving either continuous testosterone, monthly-cycled testosterone (alternating months of testosterone and placebo), or a placebo. This study was conducted because athletes have reported that cycling androgens (month on, month off) improves physical performance by enhancing muscle mass and strength.

So what were the results? Total lean body mass was increased and percent fat was reduced after 5 months in both the continuous testosterone and monthly-cycled testosterone men. Upper body muscle strength increased in the continuous testosterone group, and lower body muscle strength increased in the continuous testosterone and monthly-cycled testosterone men. The conclusion was that even the cycled testosterone regimen improved body composition and increased muscle strength compared with placebo.

Middle Aged Man doing push-ups