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How Testosterone Boosts Your Energy

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Our bodies start out doing a pretty decent job of supplying us with the right balance of hormones to keep us healthy and happy. However, everyone reaches a point in life when the production of certain hormones is altered in one way or another.

Testosterone is one of the hormones produced naturally by the body that plays a role in both men and women. For men, testosterone helps to maintain energy, mood, bone strength, sex drive and function, and muscle mass. While we don’t often think of testosterone in women, it actually plays an important role in bone growth, libido and mood.

For both men and women, a dip in the production of testosterone can have both short term and long term effects on their bodies, their health and their overall well being. Fortunately, there are testosterone replacement therapies that can help to boost testosterone levels and restore order in our bodies.

The Energy Boost

We often hear both men and women complain about a loss of energy that occurs as early as the mid-thirties to early forties. Not surprisingly, this is the same age when testosterone levels are known to drop. Is there a correlation? You better believe it!

Many of the patients who we see at transformyou who are involved in testosterone replace therapy indicate that they notice almost an immediate boost in energy as the treatment begins. They find they have more endurance during physical activity and feel a renewed sense of motivation to be active. Both men and women have told us that the testosterone treatments help them re-engage in activities such as running or playing sports. It even gives them the boost they need to be more active with their children and grandchildren.

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How it Works

Testosterone plays a key role in a process known as erythropoiesis, which is the production of red blood cells. This low production of red blood cells significantly impacts the energy we feel. Replacement therapies like those offered at transformyou, helps to boost erythropoiesis and get your red blood cells back to the level they should be at.

Not only does testosterone affect our bodies physically, but also impacts our mental well-being. While low testosterone can lead to stress and depression, research shows that testosterone replacement therapy improves mood in men and women. Patients often notice a decrease in anger, sadness, fatigue, nervousness, as well as an increase in energy and friendliness.

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