Robert B. - Mesa, Arizona

My name is Robert, and I finished the six week HCG program. The one thing that had me apprehensive at the beginning was the idea of taking a shot every day. After I gave myself the first shot I realized my fear was unfounded. The needle is so small that you do not feel it at all. It's kind of funny. You think it's going to hurt but it doesn't and then you smile and say to yourself.....Hey, this is going to be a piece of cake, (sorry for the reference to cake) I can do this.

This last year I have been recovering from back surgery. I gained an additional 20 lbs laying on the couch to go with my already 40 lbs I was overweight. I weighed in at 260 lbs at the beginning of this program. My goal was to lose at least 40 lbs if possible. The idea of only eating 500 calories per day seemed hard but once I was on the HCG it became part of my routine. The nice thing about the diet is that you can use almost any spice and you can use salt and pepper to flavor your dishes. This is huge because on most diets salt is forbidden and because of this most food just does not taste all that great. Being able to use salt makes the food that you do eat taste wonderful.

The hardest part of the diet is the 2nd week. Your body kind of goes thru withdrawal as it adapts to eating less food. For a few days you feel funny and sometimes a little light headed but it passes and you get used to eating less. Let's face it...we all eat too much of everything.

As the weeks went by and the HCG was doing its thing I found that I had less and less of a desire to eat at all. This might sound impossible but until you experience it .... it is hard to describe. The HCG is burning so much fat per day that your body does not really need the 500 calories you are eating. The last 3 weeks I would sometimes only eat 300-400 calories per day and I would feel fine. The real gift from HCG is every morning when you weigh yourself and you realize that you are losing. I averaged a pound a day without exercise. How many diets can you lose a pound a day for 45 days?

I used the last of my HCG on Sunday the 15th of March and weighed myself today on Wednesday the 18th and I now weigh 210 lbs. A loss of 50 lbs. Thanks, Dr. Robb..... all the shirts in my closet now fit and I only need to buy 3-4 pairs of pants. As a matter of note: My brother is on the diet and he has lost 33 lbs to date on his way to losing 120 lbs. My sister to date has lost 30 lbs on her way to losing 100 lbs also. They have both stated to me that they like this program because of the salt and pepper and the fact that you lose enough weight quick enough to make it worthwhile. Seeing the pounds disappear every day is a motivation to continue and actually accomplish what you set out to do.