Sue K. - phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Robb D. Bird’s HCG program has been life-changing for me. Let me tell you how.
At a recent annual check-up, my doctor informed me that my blood pressure and cholesterol were rising and I was putting myself at risk for heart disease and diabetes. I had never had a problem with my blood pressure before and I was very concerned. She encouraged me to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and to return my blood pressure & cholesterol numbers to a safe range.
There I was at my highest weight ever and realistically needed to lose 60 to 80 pounds. At 46 years old I’d been on many traditional weight loss programs. Many of them included coaching and personal support and were quite expensive, others were self-guided; each had slowly produced weight loss results, none of them produced lasting results. Faced with the necessity to lose such a significant amount of weight, I was loathing to consider using the old, non-enduring methods, which at 2 pounds a week would have taken 7 to 12 months or more to complete and countless dollars in food and program fees. I had already decided that surgery was not an option for me, so waves of frustration and concern rolled over me when it seemed I would have to choose from those familiar options.
I was discussing the situation with a friend and she mentioned hearing about a little-known program that used hormone injections and a very specific food program to produce quick and amazing weight loss. I was intrigued and decided to research it on the internet.
What I found intrigued me even further. The HGC program was developed 40 years ago its success is supported by extensive, real-life application and case studies.  It was based on a concept that, for many people, regardless of the individual’s adherence to a program’s requirements, regular diet and exercise programs will absolutely not produce lasting results because of the way their bodies store excess fat. That was the first time I had ever heard that idea and something rang true for me. I wanted to know more.
I found that there were many places that provided an HCG weight loss program. I decided to look for a medical practice and found the website for transformyou and Dr. Bird. I called and left a message for Dr. Bird and I was impressed when he called me right back. As we discussed the program Dr. Bird was very down to earth, listened carefully and answered all of my questions. I scheduled an appointment to start my first 6-week protocol the next day.
What Dr. Bird provided was multifold: a clear, understandable explanation of how the program works; an in-person demonstration of how to prepare and administer the daily injections; easy access for questions via phone or email and invaluable reference and tracking materials designed to maximize my success. As a result, I was well-equipped and hit the ground running!
I lost a total of 39 pounds in the first six weeks…it just melted away! Every day I could see wonderful changes taking place. I lost 8 inches in my waist alone and was thrilled to donate all my way-too-big clothes to Goodwill. This program works so much differently than any other I’ve experienced…always lost my bust first…but this time it’s hardly changed a bit!  
A friend of mine and I were on the program at the same time, but she wasn’t having the same results as I was so we closely compared our notes. The main differences were that I was more consistent in spreading my meals out throughout the day and that I always drank at least 3 liters of fluids a day. One way I made it easier to drink lots of water was to add a few drops of Stevia, either Apricot Nectar or some Vanilla Crème a squirt of lemon juice. That kept it fresh, tasty and easy to do.
I’ve been on the maintenance program for four weeks now and I’ve lost another 2.2 pounds for a total loss of 41.2 pounds. I’m over halfway to my goal! The maintenance program is very sensible and I’ve had an easy time adhering to it. I’ll certainly do a second 6-week protocol when the time comes!
I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in many years and look forward to continued success with the kind and expert help of Dr. Bird.