Susan Andres - ARIZONA

I just completed my 30-day program and have lost 27 pounds and it was easier than I thought it would be!   I wasn't sure if this program would work for me since my job requires that I travel frequently. I think the hardest part was eating anything and everything I wanted in the first two days.  I lost 11.5 pounds in week one and 8.5 pounds in week two.  I struggled in week three gaining and losing that week and still lost 2 pounds.   I was back on track in week 4, losing 5 pounds. I did travel each week while on this program which meant I ate out almost every day.   So 27 pounds later, I'll tell you, YOU CAN DO IT!! 

Being on this program really made me think before making food choices. I did not want to sabotage the progress I had made.  I have lost 17.25 inches as well!   I had fun this weekend going through my closet and getting rid of the "big" clothes and reintroducing myself to my "smaller" wardrobe!! I look forward to my maintenance program and continued weight loss.

Thanks for all of your support and the kick in the pants I needed to live a healthier lifestyle!