What is Calcium-D-Glucarate?

Your liver works hard for you. Even if you don’t drink alcohol or work amongst harsh chemicals, the toxins you inadvertently breathe, eat, drink, and even slather on your skin are a burden on your liver and this can start to take its toll on your energy and performance over time. Environmental toxins can even mess with your hormone balance and make it hard for you to lose fat.

Your liver is always filtering toxins – that’s its job. But there are some things you can do to support this process. Which brings us to one of the most targeted supplements for everyday detox: calcium-d-glucarate (CDG).

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Can Women Have Low Testosterone?

We often mistake testosterone as the “male” hormone. While it’s true that men do produce ten times more testosterone than women, it still plays an important role in the health of women. This is especially true during a woman’s reproductive years when there is actually more testosterone produced in a woman than estrogen.

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How Can I Get More Glutathione in My System?

Meet Glutathione – your body’s master antioxidant. There’s a reason why you might not have met before. Glutathione has been hard at work boosting your energy level and enhancing your immune system by fighting off toxins that are known to lead to serious health issues, such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s, to name a few.

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Glutathione: The Most Powerful Antioxidant in Your Body

Wouldn’t you love it if one powerful agent were working in your body to sustain wellness, keep disease away and help you maintain your youth? Wouldn’t it be great if your body naturally produced it? And how about, when your body slows down the production of this powerful agent, you could find a treatment that replaced it for you? This is precisely what glutathione and its replacement treatments do.

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