Audra M. - Phoenix, Arizona

For the first time in my life I have actually lost weight on a diet program, and believe me I have tried them all. When I first heard of the HCG program and Dr. Bird I was very skeptical and wonder what I had gotten myself into once again. But my skeptical thoughts vanished rather quickly, as I got into the first week of the program. Dr. Bird continually addressed my concerns and questions through phone and email daily. I almost feel as though we are BFF’s now. On a serious note if you follow the program you will lose the weight, plain and simple! The injection is what I worried about most and honestly, that was the easiest part, and pain-free.The 500 calories a day is very simple and it will get you through the day. I can honestly say the 17 pounds I had been trying to lose for the past 10 years came off within the 20 days and it’s an awesome program, thanks, Dr. Bird!