Frieda Harris

I tried many diets and even lost over 100 lbs. But starting the HCG diet was the best weight loss program I ever tried. I did my research on it while I was in Texas, and when I moved to Arizona I searched for doctors to go to and I found Dr. Bird. They were the best; Dr. Bird even let me make payments on my program because I could not afford to pay it all at once.

I was very nervous about giving myself the shots but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. I ate anything I wanted the first 2 days on the program. By the third day, I had lost 3 lbs and I was not hungry.  The HCG Diet really worked for me, over the first week I lost 12 lbs and every week thereafter it got easier and easier to lose the weight. Another motivating thing for me was THE SCALE! Seeing those numbers plummet was awesome! I’ve never liked my scale so much. I went to the gym and did mild workouts and swimming.  If you go to a party or social function you have to explain to the host why you are not eating, I didn't care, it is totally worth turning down the food. Just think about the sacrifice you're making and is that ‘cheat’ really worth it?

I lost a total of 32 lbs all over my body and went from a size 24 to a size 20. I'm almost an 18, still a little tight! - My daughters have told me that I’ve inspired them and that for the first time they have seen their mom this small. They praised me for my dedication to lose the weight – Boy that makes me feel good.
I am starting the maintenance portion and am a bit nervous about this part. I don’t want to ever gain any weight back. I knew that Dr. Bird would always be available to me, he is the best!