Judith Fernandez - Phoenix, Arizona

I gained weight my freshman year in college and have spent the last 15 years trying every fad diet under the sun to lose that weight. Instead, after each diet ended, or I got bored, not only did I gain the weight I lost, but I also gained more! I am thrilled to report that I’ve recently completed my first protocol with HCG and not only did I lose 32 lbs, but since the protocol ended a few weeks ago, I’ve lost another 4 lbs! How is it possible to continue to lose weight after it’s over? Because it’s never over.

Prior to starting the plan, I had headaches or migrains almost everyday and was concerned about the damage I was doing to my stomach by taking Exedrin 4-5 times a week. Now, headaches are rare and my migrains have vanished! My body is definitely rewarding me for the change in food habits and the healthy approach to weight loss. Dr. Robb’s program is not a fad diet. It has truly changed my relationship with food.

I still have one more protocol to go, but words can hardly express how excited I am about my life now.