Natasha B. - Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Bird’s HCG diet helped me lose 30 pounds!

I gained 30 pounds a couple of years ago after having my first child.  I hadn’t been able to lose the weight since then.  I tried all sorts of diets and exercise regimens, but none of them produced the results I was looking for.

When I heard about the HCG diet I looked for doctors in the valley that were offering this diet.  I was most impressed with Dr. Bird’s diet regiment and expertise that I decided to go to his clinic.  It was the best choice I ever made!

I did the 40-day round HCG diet and lost 30 pounds!  Along the way I hit different “speed bumps”, but Dr. Bird was there every step of the way for me.  He talked to me via email or phone every day because I needed the extra support and attention.  He even returned my calls late into the evening or the weekend.  He was always there for me and helped me in every possible way.

What I liked so much about his diet program was that he was very concerned about my success and always available to talk to or make an appointment with.  I had friends that also did this diet with other clinics and they did not have the support of their doctors or correct resources to be successful on this diet.  Dr. Bird gave me a calorie calculator, a list of approved make-up, lotions, moisturizers, and much more like taking an “apple day” or “steak day” during the diet.  My other friends did not get this information from their doctors and it makes a big difference.  Dr. Bird followed the manuscript of this diet and how to be successful on it and I think this is why his patients are so successful! 

When looking for a doctor to do this diet, look for honesty, a good reputation, knowledge about the diet, and support.  I found all these qualities in Dr. Bird and this is why this diet was so successful for me.  It’s important to have a doctor that wants you to succeed and is willing to try everything possible to make sure you reach your goal.  Thank you so much, Dr. Bird!