Renee Dorazio - Madison, wisconsin

I’m done with yo-yo dieting once and for all! I am 48 years old and have spent the majority of my adult life trying lots of diets, spending a lot of money on the diets being promised that I would lose the weight and keep it off. The reality of my life was that I would lose, gain, lose again, gain again, lose again and then gain again. Each time I would become more depressed and frustrated with myself and in some cases gain back more weight than I had lost. I blame this pattern on yo-yo dieting on several factors. First, I would start diets and lose interest when I didn’t see results of weight loss quickly. Second, I would feel hungry the entire time I was dieting and then find myself eating too many calories to “make-up” for my hunger, and third not having the support to follow the diet plan both during the weight loss phase and beyond.

Using the HCG Diet and working with Dr. Bird has been a dream come true.

I knew nothing about the HCG diet until I consulted with Dr. Bird. He explained the diet plan thoroughly, as well as, provided me with excellent and easy to read written materials. I was excited to start the program, but even more, excited when I saw weight loss results each day when I got on the scale to weigh myself. The injections were easy to give, the weight began to come off and even though I was a true skeptic after years of trying diets this was different. I was losing weight and seeing results quickly, I was not feeling deprived and I was not starving. Most of the time I didn’t feel hungry! I had talked with Dr. Bird about my concern when I read about the 500-calorie diet and he assured me I would feel like I had large enough portions to feel full, and I did.

Dr. Bird was always available by phone or e-mail to offer support, answer my questions and respond to my weight loss updates. This program has helped me in not only weight loss, but also stabilization and maintenance at my new weight by living a healthy lifestyle. I feel healthy, have lots of energy and my skin and muscle tone are remarkably better. In some ways, I feel like I have the body of an athlete without spending hundreds of hours at the gym. I do some exercise and continue to follow Dr. Bird’s recommendations. I am amazed, thrilled, and a true believer. Little did I know when I first talked with Dr. Bird how my life was about to change.

Thank you!

Renee Dorazio