Sharon H. - Phoenix, Arizona

My name is  Sharon and I am 43 years old. During a nursing shift an RN at one of the hospitals I frequent looked really good. I asked her to tell me what her secret was. She then directed me to the Dr.Simeons HCG diet. She informed me that Dr. Bird is a well-knowledged physician that monitors his patients through their HCG journey and that I should call him for a free consultation. This appealed to me but the 500 calories a day did not. After the 1 hr consultation with Dr. Bird, I decided that I could do it. Dr. Bird provided me with the additional reinforcement that I needed to commit to the process.

In two months, I have lost a total of 29 lbs and counting. I am down 3 dress sizes from a size 12 to a size 7-8 and I feel GREAT. I haven't reached my total goal yet but Dr. Bird informs me that I may need an additional 20 day supply to reach my goal.

Thanks, Dr. Bird for all your caring and support.