Shelli B. - Queen Creek, Arizona

For years I took every diet pill and did every diet there is. A year ago I decided to never take another diet pill again, stop all the diets and just work out and eat healthy.  I joined a boot camp and worked out 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes two boot camps a day.  Within 2 months I lost 15 pounds and felt better than ever. Then the weight loss slowed. It started to feel like all the workouts were for nothing.  I heard about HCG on the news one morning and made a call to Dr. Bird.  I started the diet right away. It was the best decision!!!!

My journey started mid-January and by mid-February, I was down 22 pounds.  I was sleeping better than I ever had, and never felt hungry. I went from size 11 to a size 4.  I have been off the diet for one month now and I've continued to eat healthy and am still losing. The true test for me to see if this diet really worked was to see how my body worked after the injections. In the past, it was very difficult for me to lose weight by just walking and eating right.  I have lost another 5 pounds without any diet supplements. I recommend this to any of my friends who want to lose weight and get control of their eating habits. It's the greatest diet, and Dr. Bird was there any time to answer any of my questions. The office is very friendly and I actually miss going in there each week.
Thank you, Dr. Bird for helping me feel normal again.